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    4.7 out of 5.0


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    4.7 out of 5.0
    • #KEIndahanIndonesia

      Travis Tan

      29 reviews
      Review for Syafira Hotel Langgur
      Great location, great host, hot water, big bed. Kitchen and washer/dryer work well. It is a tiny space but is advertised that way. I’d come back because the location is amazing and I also felt very<span class="booking-item-review-more"> secure here. My baby boomer mom had to climb stairs to reach the bed, but it was very cozy and she’s spry enough.</span>
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      • #KEIndahanIndonesia

        Le Minh Tho

        5 reviews
        "Good location, quality should be better"
        Review for Syafira Hotel Langgur
        The bathroom was super old! 30 years old!! Pieces of tiles were missing... regardless of the fact that it was clean, it looks really old. The food at breakfast was of very poor quality. The<span class="booking-item-review-more"> scrambled and boiled eggs were practically inedible. I find the variety of food at breakfast very limited for a 4 star hotel which charges 300 euro a night.</span>
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        • "Beautiful spot with a lovely view"
          Review for Syafira Hotel Langgur
          Beautiful spot with a lovely view. It's warm and cozy and had everything we needed. I am very particular about cleanliness and this place was spotless! Very quick to respond and extended check out<span class="booking-item-review-more"> for us. Truly perfect!</span>
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