Pulau Kelapa – Kei Besar island

Pulau Kelapa – Kei Besar island Situated in front of Elat City, this island became the entrance view to Kei Besar Island. Its easly to find, only take 10 minutes by speedboat from Elat harbor. Pulau kelapa means the island of coconut, as the name suggests, on this island scattered many towering coconut trees, there […]

Masbait Hill – Kelanit Village, Kei Kecil

  Masbait Hill – Kelanit Village, Kei Kecil This highest point on Kei Kecil Island is a religious tourism destination that is often visited by Catholics and Christians and is often used as the location of a crossroads procession. Located in the village of Kelanit, the hill of Masbait can be reached 30 minutes from […]

Yer Teran Ratut – Letman

  Yer Teran Ratut – Letman Only 20 minutes drives from Langgur, Letman Village offer a beautiful rock island named Yer Teran Ratut or better know as YTR is “A thousand island shells” in English. On this island there is a tower that can be used to enjoy the beauty of the small islands surrounded […]

Tanimbar Kei Cultural Village

  Tanimbar Kei Cultural Village Tanimbar Kei is an island in the far south west of Kei archipelago. The village is divided into two parts. The oldest part is perched high on the cliff. Here there are several examples of traditional architecture. The lower part of the nestles below by the sea they are connected […]

Hoko Waterfall – Kei Besar Island

About Hoko Waterfall Locatated in Hoko Village Kei Besar island, this waterfall can be reach by taking a speedboat from Watdek to Elat town and continue to Hoko by motorcycle or car. For those who want to enjoy nature beauty Hoko waterfall is higly recommended, because of its fresh and clear water, also the gurgling [...]

Ad Weraur Waterfall – Kei Besar Island

About Ad Weraur Waterfall Known as a seven-level waterfall, Ad waterfall presents an authentic natural landscape with its fresh water coming from mountain springs. Swim in the all level of the waterfall can be an unforgettable experience. Visitors can also explore a prehistoric cave, which there are rooms, stairs and pillars formed from stalagnite and [...]

Pantai Ngur Vat Namsir – Wab

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Ohoidertavun Beach

Ohoidertawun Beach Ohoidertawun beach is especially attractive. The sheleter and homestay cottages on the beach are available at acharming beach side café. The water here is extremely shallow: at low tide the sea retreats to the horizon, exposing hundreds of square metres of Kei’s famous white sand. A short walk (or a canoe trip, depending […]

Hawang Cave – Letvuan Village

Hawang Cave The cave is in Letvuan village, 15 km from Langgur. The deep pools are fed by a freshwater spring inside. The crystal clear water allowing you to see the rocks underneath clearly. Hawang is local language means devil. Hawang cave has interesting legend behind about a hunter and his dog, where the are [...]

Pantai Madwaer

Madwaer Beach Madwaer beach is the most quite and peaceful beach also furthest than other beaches in Kei Island also. The clear water and coconut tree along the beach add its beauty scenery. It loceted in the distric of Kei Kecil Barat, abaout one hour from Ngurbloat beach. Tourists can also order lobster to local [...]