Hawang Cave – Letvuan Village

Hawang Cave The cave is in Letvuan village, 15 km from Langgur. The deep pools are fed by a freshwater spring inside. The crystal clear water allowing you to see the rocks underneath clearly. Hawang is local language means devil. Hawang cave has interesting legend behind about a hunter and his dog, where the are [...]

Pantai Nirun


Taman Ziarah Mgr. Johanes Aerts, dkk

About Taman Ziarah Mgr. Johanes Aerts, dkk This secluded garden off the main road in Langgur is a memoriad to the Dutch Catholic bishop executed on this spot by invading Japanese forces in 1942. Also, of interest is a three-dimensional mural commemorating 100 years of Catholicism in Kei, and telling the story of the Church’s [...]

Siran Siryen Historical Site – Elaar Village

About Siran Siryen Historical Site Located in Elaar village, this historical site can be reached 1 hour drive from Langgur city. Hundreds of years ago, this place was a place to slaughter buffalo Siw, which was the originator of Larvul Ngabal customary law known as Sasa Sorvit which regulates criminal and civil law. This law [...]

The Tomb of Nen Dit Sakmas

  The Tomb of Nen Dit Sakmas Located in Semawi Village, Kei Kecil Island about 20 minutes drive from Langgur by car or motorcycle, the tomb of Nen Dit Sakmas has become a historic site for the Kei community. Nen Dit Sakmas is Kei’s heroine who gave birth to the customary law called Larvul Ngabal […]

Mangrove Rumadian

  Mangrove Rumadian Besides the beauty of the beach, Kei Island also offers the beauty of mangrove forests that can be found in the Rumadian Village about 25 minutes drive. With an area of about 20,000 hectares stretching as far as 18 km, beautiful scenery of various types of mangroves ready to welcome you. Other […]

Pantai Ngursarnadan – Ohoililir

Pantai Ngursarnadan – Ohoililir Not far from the village of .Ohoililir, about 20 minutes from Langgur, this lovely beach has a particularly pleasant, relaxed ambience. The shoreline is nicely shaded by mature trees. There are two guesthouses, one right on the beach, with delightful sea views. The snorkeling off the beach is especially recommended, with [...]

Bukit Indah

  Bukit Indah Bukit indah is a famous pilgrimage destination on Kei Besar Island. On the top of the hill there is a statue of the cross of Jesus and the cave of Mary which is used for prayer. Situated in mountainous area, Bukit Indah offers natural scenery with rows of green trees that soothe […]

Pantai Teluk Uf

  Pantai Teluk Uf This beautiful beach is located in Uf Bay, south-east Kei Kecil island about 2 hours drive from downtown. This long trip will be paid off with white sandy beach complete with coconut tree and spruce on the seashore. Situated in the bay so the water in this beach becomes calm and […]

Evu Water Spring

Evu Water Spring In a pleasant clearing near sea, 35 minutes from Langgur, the underground cold water spring of Evu feed a large freshwater swimming pool. As well as providing a peaceful and charming spot for a refreshing dip, the spring is the major source of fresh water for Langgur. There are some stalls besides […]