Pantai Ngurtavur – Desa Warbal

Ngurtavur Beach Located in the village of Warbal, Ngurtavur beach is one of the most beautiful beach in Kei Island. This beach is also known by the name “Pasir Timbul” by local people, where this beach will only be seen when the tides. The uniqueness of this beach is the absence of trees or other […]

Pantai Ngurbloat – Ngilngof

Ngurbloat Beach Located 17 Km from Langgur City, outside the village of Ngilngof, this is the most known beach in Kei Island. Ngurbloat is local language meaning “Long Sandy Beach” that consist of two words “Ngur” means Sand and “Bloat” means Long. As the name suggests there are 3 Km of beautifully soft white sand [...]